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The goal of ECMD’s Economic Diversification Program is to aid the state in transitioning the economy from one that relies primarily on the oil and gas industry to one that has a more diverse economic base.

This will allow the state to better handle external factors that can impact the state, its residents, and the tax base. The program, in partnership with the Economic Development Department, supports the economic diversity of New Mexico by recruiting and supporting renewable energy companies in New Mexico, providing technical support and educational training to renewable energy companies in New Mexico, facilitating degree and apprenticeship programs in the energy sector, and supporting legislation that will help in these activities.

We accomplish these goals by 1) convening stakeholders from industry, academia, national labs, consumer groups and others to develop resources to support the economic diversity plan; 2) developing comprehensive training plans for different pieces of the supply chain; 3) developing a renewable energy information hub for the state; 4) working with the Department of Workforce Solutions and universities, colleges and vocational schools to develop degree and apprenticeship programs; and 5) developing a legislative agenda to support these goals.