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As New Mexico transitions the electric sector from fossil fuels to renewable resources and electrifies more sectors of the economy, storage will be critical to maintaining a reliable and continuous supply of energy.

There is an expanding assemblage of shorter- and longer-duration options.

Types of Energy Storage

  1. Electrochemical (e.g., rechargeable batteries, fuel cells, and flow batteries)
  2. Mechanical (e.g. fly-wheels, compressed-air storage, pumped hydro)
  3. Thermal (e.g. sensible heat storage such as molten-salt technology)

Uses of Energy Storage in the Context of Electric Grid Modernization


Source: Grid Modernization Whitepaper Series #11: Storage


Currently, ECMD is advancing the use and visibility of energy storage by steering state and federal resources towards installations at state facilities such as Cimarron Forestry Office and Hyde Memorial State Park. ECMD staff also provides technical assistance to local government entities (e.g., Albuquerque Public Schools) that are considering energy storage solutions.

As an outgrowth of its Grid Modernization Program, ECMD will 1) monitor and promote policies that align with the goals of the Electric Grid Modernization Roadmap; 2) collaborate with stakeholders on research and planning efforts; and 3) collect data, convene experts, and provide periodic updates to the public about storage applications.


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