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Forest Management Best Management Practices (BMP)

New Mexico’s forests provide beauty, raw material for lumber production, clean air, habitat, and food for many kinds of wildlife, storage for water, and areas for grazing and recreation.

With proper management, forest landowners can enjoy these benefits and maintain a healthy forest.

If you work in the forest, own forest land, or are interested in New Mexico’s forests, the Best Management Practice (BMP) guidelines offer an understanding of why these practices are beneficial, along with common-sense tips that will address most situations a landowner may encounter that will mitigate harmful effects resulting from forest treatment of management actions.

By recognizing private property rights and the diversity of landowner goals, the Forestry Division provides a Forest Practice Guideline document detailing the commercial harvest requirements and practices intended to help the private landowner meet their objectives while adequately protecting or improving watersheds statewide.

Regulations (PDF) 

Forest Practices Guidelines (PDF)