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Morgan Lake (Navajo)

Morgan Lake

Description: The 1200-acre lake Morgan Lake, on the Navajo Reservation, is open year-round. Cooling pond for the to the APS power plant. It offers windsurfing and fishing in 75 degree water year-round . A special fishing license is required. Contact Navajo Fish and Wildlife Department, (928) 871-6451.

Directions: (About four miles southwest of Kirtland, NM.) Take the road from Farmington going west on US 64 toward Shiprock about 15 miles. Then turn South on Navajo Route 36 (Road to Four Corners Power Plant.  Morgan Lake is 15 miles west of Farmington south off Hwy. 64.

GPS Location:   Latitude 36.41.31  Longitude 108.27.47

Water Sports: Boating, fishing, fantastic windsurfing in 75-degree water year-round.

Swimming is not permitted.

Current Conditions:  Water Levels are generally constant due to power company use of the pond for cooling.

Ramps:  One Concrete Single Lane Silted in in spots.

Docks: Old beat-up dock.

Marinas/Rentals:  None

Wind Warning Lights: None.

Prevailing Winds: Out of the West.

Fish: Bass, sunfish and catfish. A special fishing license is required. Contact Navajo Fish and Wildlife Department, (928) 871-6451. Gizzard shad, and as many as eight other unwanted species, were accidentally stocked several years ago in Morgan Lake near Shiprock, N.M., along with a load of largemouth bass intended for the lake. The lake periodically overflows down Chaco Wash into the San Juan River, a major tributary to Lake Powell. Logistics prevent shad from being chemically removed from Morgan Lake which is an important sport fishery on the Navajo Reservation. The 1200 acre lake provides water to the APS power plant near Shiprock. Lowering the lake would require the power plant to be shut down for an extended period. Poisoning fish without lowering the lake would block intakes with dead fish and effectively shut down the power plant, as well. 

Morgan Lake is being managed as a quality bass lake. New regulations have been implemented. A 12 – 17 inch slot limit on bass is now in effect. All bass from 12 – 17 inches in length must be returned safely to the water. Bass under 12 inches or over 17 inches maybe kept. The daily bag and possession limits for bass in Morgan Lake have also been reduced to four (4) fish. To successfully implement the slot limit, the use of waterdogs as bait in Morgan lake have been banned. A tournament stamp is required for bass tournaments that will be held at Morgan Lake. The stamp cost is $30.00 and is to be purchased by the tournament director from the Navajo Fish and Wildlife office in advance. Each stamp is good for one tournament. The tournament director must have a list of contestants available during the tournament. This list must be presented to the Wildlife Conservation Officer(s) upon request. The tournament stamp allows contestants to keep up to five (5) fish of any size determined by the tournament rules, which will be weighed at the end of the tournament. Contestants keeping five (5) fish during the tournament must return at least four (4) of the fish safely to the water. If a contestant does keep one fish, it must be larger than 17 inches in length.

Special Boating Considerations:  Boating permit required

Service for Boats: Farmington….Check the Yellow Pages.

Managed by: Navajo Fish and Wildlife Department, (928) 871-6451.

Land Information:  Leased to Arizona Public Service by the Navajo Nation

Phone: APS (505) 598-6611