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Electric Grid Modernization Program

The goal of ECMD’s Grid Modernization Program is to support functional and operational upgrades to New Mexico’s electric grid in order to meet the state’s ambitious energy transition and emissions reductions goals.

The program supports actions that improve upon the grid’s reliability, resilience, and efficiency, and encourages fair and equitable cost distribution to allow for the widest adoption of clean and beneficial electrification. We accomplish these goals by:

  1. convening stakeholders from industry, academia, national labs, consumer groups and others to implement grid modernization roadmap recommendations;
  2. regularly providing technical reports and compiling data on energy transition metrics and grid modernization topics and progress;
  3. making informed legislative and policy recommendations; and
  4. managing a grant program to support technology-focused pilot projects and other relevant research.

In 2020, the New Mexico Legislature passed HB 233 (Energy Grid Modernization Roadmap Act) tasking EMNRD with developing an electric grid modernization plan. In the fall of 2020, EMNRD convened the Grid Modernization Advisory Group (GMAG) to produce a series of action-oriented whitepapers to inform New Mexico’s Grid Modernization Roadmap. The Roadmap serves as a guide to electric service providers, regulators, policymakers, and consumers as New Mexico transitions to 100-percent zero-carbon electricity resources by mid-century in accordance with the Energy Transition Act of 2019.

In addition, EMNRD drafted a Baseline Report of New Mexico’s Electricity System to serve as a starting point for measuring progress. All documents can be found below.

Questions and comments can be directed to:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure Impact Assessment (2024)

Energy Transition Monthly Update - March 2024

Grid Modernization Roadmap

2021 Baseline Report of New Mexico's Electricity System

2021 Grid Modernization Advisory Group Whitepapers:

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced Inverters

Modifications to the Integrated Resource Plan

Customer Engagement

RTO Task Force

Distribution System Plan

Transmission Planning

Interconnection Manual

Rate Design

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