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Climate Adaptation and Resilience

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Executive Order 2019-003 on Climate Change and Waste Prevention

Executive Order 2019-003 directs agencies to incorporate climate adaptation into their programs and operations to become more resilient to the effects of climate change.

EMNRD worked with the University of New Mexico Earth Data Analysis Center to develop a Climate Risk Map tool to help state agencies and local and tribal government staff better understand the factors that contribute to climate related risks. For each climate hazard, such as heat, wildfire, or drought, the map identifies factors that contribute to risk, and includes demographic and economic data that indicate how sensitive a community could be to those risks and what adaptive capacity exists to respond should a climate-related emergency occur. This tool, which also allows users to generate a report for specific counties, cities, and tribal land areas, is available at:

EMNRD welcomes feedback and questions about the tool from users that may inform future training resources and tool updates.