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Join the Adventure: Become a Fishing Guide at a New Mexico State Park!

Are you passionate about the great outdoors and have a love for fishing? New Mexico State Parks is seeking enthusiastic and knowledgeable Fishing Guides!

As a Fishing Guide, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to share your knowledge, skills, and passion for fishing with visitors. New Mexico is known for its scenic and diverse landscapes, providing the perfect backdrop for unforgettable fishing experiences.

Each Concession Permit Application includes one (1) Guide Card and one (1) Hang Tag. If the Outfitter requires multiple Guides Cards, there is a fee for each additional tag.

  • Navajo Lake $500 includes 1 Vehicle Hang Tag
  • All other Parks $300 includes 1 Vehicle Hang Tag

Qualifications / Fees

Boating knowledge (Preferred): Familiarity with boating safety and regulations.

Local ecological knowledge: A basic understanding of local ecosystems and fish habitats.

Valid Fishing License: Ensure compliance with Department of Game and Fish regulations.

Concession Permit fee: $300 except Navajo Lake State Park at $500.

Proof of Insurance: Which shall at a minimum provide a $1,000,000 limit for each occurrence and a $2,000,000
general aggregate limit, and shall name: the State, EMNRD, and the Division (SPD), Property owner co-insured.

Concession Permits: Valid for one year – The period is from April 1st until March 31st annually.

Guide Card: Multiple Guides are allowed per guide card, but only one guide is permitted on lake/river at time of
service. Additional guide cards can be purchased for simultaneous trips or guides. Ranger will verify.

Check or Money Order: Made out to: NAME OF PARK.
Cash or Credit Card machines are only available at certain parks.

Submit your application today and join the ranks of dedicated Fishing Guides making a positive impact on outdoor recreation in New Mexico State Parks!

How to Apply

How to Apply:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Submit application to the Park Manager or Superintendent for the approved service area.

Step 3:

Park Managers approve or deny permit. Park will process payment, verify insurance, S.O.S and NM Tax ID.

If denied: Park will contact Applicant.
If approved: Permit will be issued by State Parks Headquarters with a Vehicle Tag and Guide card will be assigned. Outfitters are not allowed to conduct business till Guide Cards are in hand. Trip Ticket login will be sent to permit holder. This will allow us to track trip tickets and you can schedule your on-site visits.