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Fire Planning Task Force

The New Mexico Fire Planning Task Force (Task Force) was created by the NM Legislature in 2003. The Task Force is made up of local, state, federal, and tribal cooperators who assist Forestry to identify and protect areas most vulnerable to wildfires. The Task Force meets once per year to approve Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP), develop model ordinances and standards for building codes, and consider the benefits of thinning, prescribed burns, and defensible space to reduce the threat of wildfires to communities.

Fire Planning Task Force Members:

Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department

Laura McCarthy, State Forester

Forestry Division Director

Indian Nation, Tribe or Pueblo

Lynn Trujillo, Cabinet Secretary

New Mexico Indian Affairs Department

New Mexico Department of Finance

Donnie Quintana, Division Director

Local Government Division

Commission of Public Lands

Stephanie Garcia Richard, State Land Commissioner

Dana V. Strang, Assistant Commissioner

New Mexico State Land Office

New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department

Clay Bailey, Director

Construction Industries Division

State Fire Marshal’s Office

John Kondratick, Acting State Fire Marshal

NM Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Members of Fire Department

Joe Kenmore, Emergency Services Director

Lincoln County

New Mexico Municipal League

A.J. Forte, Executive Director

Designee: Jackie Portillo

New Mexico Association of Counties

Steve Kopelman, Executive Director

Designee: Joy Esparsen, Associate Director

United States Department of Agriculture, Forest Service (USFS)

Michiko Martin, Southwest Regional Forester

United States Department of Interior,  Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Melanie Barnes, Acting State Director

Bureau of Land Management

Local Government Fire Department

Nicolas Cardenas, Fire Marshal

Colfax County