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The Mine Registration, Reporting and Safeguarding Program (MRRS) provides comprehensive information on mineral resources, mine registrations, reclamation and safeguarding efforts, and other MMD activities related to New Mexico’s mineral extraction industry and mineral resources. Decision-makers throughout New Mexico benefit from the valuable information compiled and disseminated through this program.

The program registers all mines, collects data on active mining operations, and provides statistical information on New Mexico’s mining industry. Annual reporting from active mining operations yields statistical information on the state’s mineral industry, which benefits the mining industry, contractors, government agencies, and the public sector through annual updates on the mineral industry and mineral resources in New Mexico.

MMD Online provides real time information linked to the latest MMD database content (by statute, some information is kept confidential). The Mine Registrations and Permits search application provides data for all New Mexico mines (coal has an additional search feature accessible from the same page). Users can easily search by multiple  parameters, or a multitude of combinations of parameters. All query results are exportable to Excel spreadsheets containing up to 30 fields of information, or to KML (Keyhole Markup Language) to display geographic data in an Earth browser.

Additional information:


MRRS Forms: registration and reporting forms


MRRS Rules (NMAC 19.7: Registration, Reporting, Safeguarding)

MRRS Rules (PDF) (NMAC 19.7: Registration, Reporting, Safeguarding)


MRRS Reporting Regulations (69-26-1 NMSA)

MRRS Reporting Regulations (PDF) (69-26-1 NMSA)

Safeguarding Guidelines (quick tips based on NMAC)

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Stephanie Rodriguez, Program Manager (505) 660-4777