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The next Request for Proposals for projects in 2025 will be released in mid July 2024. This later date will allow us to incorporate changes made to our rule.
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Gallup YCC crew Pyramid Trail

Albuquerque Sign Language Academy corps members, Summer 2023

Grant Basics

Below are the issues you should consider before applying. Our rule has more detailed information.

  • The project must result in a specific, identifiable project(s) or service(s) that would otherwise not be accomplished with existing funds and does not duplicate routine services or functions.
  • Up to $225,000 may be requested.
  • Your organization is responsible for hiring and supervising YCC corps members.
  • At least five corps members must be hired; one or more corps members may be designated as a leader or traininer.
  • 70% of funds awarded must be allocated to corps member wages (gross wages + employer’s FICA contribution + workers’ comp + unemployment insurance)
  • 30% of funds may be used for training and supplies.
  • 10% of the project time shall be allocated to corps member training.
  • 10% match required (can be in-kind, such as volunteer time, staff time, equipment, etc.)