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YCC Projects

Current Projects

Here is the list of projects that will begin in 2023. If you are interested in applying to work on a YCC crew, please e-mail the contact person directly or check out our Job Postings page. Download this file by selecting “File” -> “Download” and the format you want. 

Past Projects

Below is a list of projects over the past five years and links to photo albums. To see past contracts and proposals, visit the Sunshine Portal. Select “Youth Conservation Corps” under “Agency” and press the “Select” button.

List of Projects by Fiscal Year (fiscal years start July 1 and end June 30) Link to Photo Albums
FY 2023 2023 Photos
FY 2022 2022 Photos
FY 2021 2021 Photos
FY 2020 2020 Photos
FY 2019 2019 Photos