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Alternative Fuels, Efficient and Sustainable Transportation

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The Energy Conservation and Management Division (ECMD) administers the Alternative Fuels, Efficient and Sustainable Transportation Program to accelerate the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles, alternative fuel infrastructure, and multimodal transportation.

ECMD promotes the adoption of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure by executing the following initiatives:

  • Convening with stakeholders from industry, consumer groups, utility providers, dealerships, local planning organizations, state agencies, Land of Enchantment Clean Cities Coalition, and others to implement alternative fuel strategies.
  • Providing technical assistance.
  • Making informed legislative and policy recommendations.
A row of vehicle charging stations
Two vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations in Santa Fe, NM.

ECMD promotes multimodal transportation (which includes the previous TravelSmart initiatives) by executing the following initiatives:

  • Promoting bicycling, carpooling, public transit, and other multimodal solutions.
  • Incorporating outreach through public events.
  • Engaging with stakeholders, local planning organizations, the New Mexico Department of Transportation, and other state and local agencies.

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EPAct Reporting


New Mexico Land of Enchantment Clean Cities


Federal Tax Credits and Incentives for Electric Vehicles

The U.S. DOE Energy Policy Act and the New Mexico Alternative Fuels Acquisition Act (NMSA 13-1B-1 thorough -7)

ECMD is responsible for reporting the status of state fleets to meet Energy Policy Act (EPAct) requirements and reduce petroleum consumption. Federal compliance requires state fleets that own, operate, lease, or otherwise control 50 or more non-excluded light-duty vehicles (less than or equal to 8,500 pounds) and are used primarily within a single Metropolitan Statistical Area/Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area must meet the EPAct requirements. The requirements, passed by Congress in 1992, require that vehicles purchased must be at least 75% alternatively fueled (based on the number of light-duty vehicles acquired) or must reduce petroleum fuel consumption.

The New Mexico Alternative Fuel Acquisition Act (Act) was enacted in part to fulfill the EPAct requirements but encompasses all state agencies, departments, and educational institutions. The Act states that 75% of light duty vehicles under 8,500 pounds acquired each fiscal year shall be vehicles that meet or exceed U.S. DOT CAFÉ standards; are hybrids; are capable of operating on alternative fuel; or plug-in electric vehicles. (Certified law enforcement pursuit vehicles and emergency vehicles are exempt.)