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ECMD is pleased to announce the Transportation Working Group.

Through this working group, ECMD will be able to reach out to the community and address the unique needs of New Mexico mobility while working to promote alternative fuels and alternative modes of transportation that reduce transportation emissions. As this effort moves forward, the ECMD team will advertise opportunities for stakeholders to participate.


Through education and outreach events, ECMD promotes and provides information on energy conservation, carpooling, public transit, multi and intermodal transportation solutions, energy related state tax credits, alternative fuels, energy assessments, renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and energy conservation. Staff provide presentations and outreach at various statewide events including the New Mexico State Fair (Expo New Mexico), STEM events, Earth Day, Bike-to-Work Day, and other education-based events.

ECMD is developing curriculum as part of STEM outreach with the goal of enabling the next generation of New Mexicans to recognize and mitigate energy inefficiencies, to understand and adjust their energy consumption behaviors, and to understand the role of renewables in our energy supply. The curriculum will align with existing state standards and be adaptable to in-school and extended learning situations. ECMD plans to develop two units as part of this curriculum: one on energy conservation and energy efficiency, and one on renewable energy resources. This curriculum may also be a way to build momentum across the state for school building energy efficiency upgrades and energy performance contracting tools. It is expected that each unit will take about a year to complete, including the incorporation of feedback from teachers and education specialists.

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