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Wildfire Response Program Training Schedule 2023-2024

Below is a list of classes available through the Division’s Wildfire Response Program (WRP).

A downloadable PDF of this schedule is also available.

*To be completed as independent study via FEMA. 

   1)  create ID @ 

   2)  complete both classes @

   3)  bring a copy of your certificates to the S-130/S-190 class

Please fax or electronically submit nominations to:   Fax #: (505) 474-5523     OR     E-mail:   WRP Training       

Note: A submitted nomination form does not guarantee acceptance into a course.  If you cannot make the course that you are scheduled to attend, please notify the coordinator of the cancelation.

**You must bring your own pack for the work capacity test.  It will be weighed prior to the test.  As the meeting numbers increase, we may increase the training attendees

Pack tests and Refreshers do not require a nomination form. 

Please be on time for all training courses. 

Wildland Fire Training Resources

Wildland fire crew members are Administratively Determined firefighters (AD’s). They are only called upon or hired during an actual wildland emergency. During fire season (early spring through early fall), AD’s may be sent throughout New Mexico, or to other states, to assist with wildland fire emergencies.

For more information on Forestry Division Wildland Fire Training click here.

The following links provide information on additional training and resources available outside of the New Mexico Forestry Division.


Southwest Area - Training Schedule


National Wildland Fire Training


National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)

District 1 - Chama

HC 75, Box 100
Chama, NM 87520


District 3 - Socorro

HC 32, Box 2 1701 Enterprise
Socorro, NM 87801

Main Office:


Silver City Office:


District 5 - Capitan

PO Box 277
Capitan, NM 88316


District 2 - Cimarron

P.O. Box 5
Ute Park, NM 87749


District 4 - Las Vegas

HC 33, Box 109 #4
Las Vegas, NM 87701



District 6 - BERNALILLO

5105 Santa Fe Hills Blvd NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87144


Forestry District Map