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Oil Conservation Division Hearings

Hearings before the Oil Conservation Commission (OCC)

and the Oil Conservation Division (OCD)


Both the Oil Conservation Commission (OCC) and the Oil Conservation Division (OCD) conduct hearings. The OCD conducts hearings on all applications that are not approved administratively.  Applications, and the conduct of the hearing process, are governed by 19.15.4 NMAC.   The OCD generally schedules hearings twice a month on Thursdays.  A schedule of current year hearing dates is available below.  Additional dates may be scheduled as necessary.  The OCD provides notice of each new case scheduled for hearing. For each hearing date, a docket is posted below and then updated prior to the hearing.

The OCC conducts hearings on applications for rule changes and appeals from decisions on cases heard by OCD.  The procedures for rulemaking cases are found at 19.15.3 NMAC.  For adjudicatory appeals, the OCC also follows 19.15.4 NMAC.  The hearings are generally held during an OCC meeting. At the beginning of each year, the OCC provides a list of tentative dates for monthly meetings. The dates may change based on need and availability of Commissioners. Below are the agendas for OCC meetings in the current year.  For regular meetings, the OCC posts a draft agenda ten days prior to the meeting and a final agenda 72 hours prior to the meeting. For OCC meetings click HERE

The application can be filed HERE and all documents filed in connection with the hearing, including the written order, are posted at the OCD Online Imaging System. Use the case number to locate the documents.

Additional search options regardng hearing information for OCD and OCC is also available on our E-permitting site click Here

OCD Hearings


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2021 Hearing Dates: 2021 OCD Examiner Hearing Dates


OCD Hearings

Listed below is the OCD Hearing Notices and Dockets for calendar year 2021