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The purpose of these guidelines is to provide information to operators and permittees concerning various aspects of the Coal Program regulations. MMD does not consider any of these guidelines to establish any type of “regulatory” requirements outside of the specific references to 19 NMAC 8.2.

The Vegetation Standards are incorporated into 19 NMAC 8.2 by reference. It establishes methods and techniques of ecological measurement, selection and use of reference areas and technical standards approved normal husbandry practices, and the demonstration of post-mine suitability for livestock grazing that are acceptable to the Director.

Most of these guidelines have been published in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Coal Mine Reclamation Program Vegetation Standard

Guidelines for Regraded Spoils and Small Depressions

Performance Bond Release Applications and Procedures

Outline of CMRP's Electronic Permitting Initiative

Surface Coal Mining Electronic Permit Organization and Formatting Guidelines

Guidelines for Runoff and Sediment Control Structures

Guidelines for Bond Calculation

Surface Coal Mining Permit Organization and Formatting Guidelines

Overburden and Soils Inventory and Handling Guidelines

AOC Guidelines