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Fire Prevention Programs


The Forestry Division participates in several nationally recognized programs that guide home and landowners with wildfire prevention and preparation.

The Forestry Division works with local, state, federal, and tribal partners on these efforts to reach every corner of the state. The Forestry Division is also responsible for providing critical information during wildfires on state and private lands.

District liaisons work with communities in their area to develop individual wildland fire prevention and preparedness plans. Interagency programs, such as Ready, Set, Go!, Smokey Bear, Living with Fire, Fire Adapted Communities, and Firewise USA®, allow communities to tailor programs to fit their population size and local landscape. 

New Mexico Fire Information


New Mexico Fire Information -



To track large fires in New Mexico and nationwide



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Contact your local office

For more information regarding assistance with fire prevention and preparedness needs, contact your local Forestry Division district office.

Institute for Business and Home Safety

The Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) has designed a program to help homeowners decrease their risk from wildfire. 

Wildfire Prepared Home Program

Click here to learn more about increasing your defensible space against wildfire.


New Mexico Office of the Superintendent of Insurance

Click here to learn more about the intersection of home insurance and wildfire in New Mexico. 

Example of a home with a 5-foot noncombustible buffer

Fire Prevention Around The Home 

Ember Awareness

Ember ignition is the most common source for home ignition during wildfires. Embers are small pieces of burning material that can be transported by wind over a mile ahead of the fire. If these embers enter through exposed gaps, or land on combustible materials surrounding your home, it can cause your home to ignite.

The Importance of the Home Ignition Zone

The Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) is the structure and its immediate surroundings out to 200 feet. Building and landscaping for wildfire in this area can greatly reduce the risk to your property, particularly from the threat of ember showers and direct flame contact.

The HIZ is typically divided into 4 smaller zones as described in the graphic. When treating the HIZ around your property, always start with the home itself and work your way outwards. For more information about specific steps you can take for each zone, visit the NFPA website.

Fire Safety Planning For your Home

Click here for more tips and instructions on how to keep your home and property defensible against wildfire. 

Living with Fire – A Homeowner’s Guide

The Living with Fire (LWF), a Guide for New Mexico Homeowners provides recommendations and resources to homeowners, educators, community groups, and firefighting professionals to prepare for wildfire and reduce wildfire threats to homes and communities.

Community Fire Preparedness


Fire Prevention Tips

Click here for ways to be fire-safe when you’re camping, driving, or working in your own backyard.


Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP)

Communities can take proactive steps to protect themselves from dangerous and damaging wildfire. The Forestry Division works with New Mexico Counties and federal land management agencies to assist counties and communities to plan ahead for wildfire. See below for available resources and contact your local Forestry Division office for additional information.


National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has been helping to solve some of the planet’s toughest safety problems for more than 125 years. With over a century as a knowledge and information organization, NFPA has continually evolved their scope of expertise—from fire prevention, wildfire preparedness, and electrical safety to hazardous materials, community risk reduction, and public safety.

Ready, Set, Go!

Wildfire destroys thousands of acres and threatens hundreds of homes across New Mexico each year. The Ready, Set, Go! (RSG) program helps residents be Ready with preparedness understanding, be Set with situational awareness when fire threatens, and to Go, acting early when a wildfire starts. The RSG is managed by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and seeks to make a difference in communities faced with wildland fire threats, saving lives and property.

Ready, Set, Go! - New Mexico Action Guide


Ready, Set, Go!

Smokey Bear

To request a visit from Smokey Bear at your school or special fire/safety event, please call or send an email to:

George Ducker
Communications Coordinator

Requests must be received at least one month in advance and meet certain fire prevention criteria to be eligible. Smokey Bear cannot attend commercial “mascot events” or private functions such as birthday parties.