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Resource Mobilization Plan (RMP)

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Resource Mobilization Plan (RMP)

The New Mexico Resource Mobilization Plan (RMP) is adopted pursuant to Joint Powers Agreements (JPAs) or Memoranda of Agreements (MOAs) between the EMNRD Forestry Division and local governments. Together, the JPA/MOA and this RMP are intended to create a pool of nationally qualified wildland fire resources within the structural fire service of New Mexico so they may be mobilized to assist in the suppression of wildfires and wildland/urban interface fire incidents.

This RMP establishes the standards, procedures, and guidelines to be followed when mobilization is necessary. The standards established here are consistent with those to which all state and federal agencies responding to incidents will be held. The Forestry Division recognizes that not all local fire departments will be motivated to participate in the RMP, or able to meet the minimum requirements. Therefore, participation is voluntary. This RMP has been modified and updated to reflect experience gained from past fire seasons.

NM Resource MOB Plan 2024

Cooperative Agreement

NM Master Coop WFMR Agreement

Interstate Mutual Aid Agreement

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