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About the Energy Conservation and Management Division

The Energy Conservation and Management Division (ECMD) is leading the state’s charge toward clean energy adoption. ECMD is committed to developing and deploying solutions that will maximize New Mexico’s renewable energy resources and improve energy efficiency and transportation standards. Through effective policies and innovative programs, ECMD has positioned New Mexico as a leader in clean energy innovation, which will generate quality jobs, attract investment opportunities, and accelerate economic growth.

Our Mission

ECMD develops and implements effective clean energy programs — renewable energy, energy efficiency, alternative fuels, and safe transportation of radioactive waste — to promote economic growth, environmental sustainability, and wise stewardship of our natural resources while protecting public health and safety for New Mexico and its citizens.

What We Do

  • We research, collect, and analyze data and information to inform state energy security planning, regulation, program administration, and policy development.
  • We convene productive conversations about New Mexico’s energy challenges and opportunities that consider a diverse range of perspectives, foster collaboration and innovative solutions, and facilitate the sharing of best practices with consumers and stakeholders.
  • We provide technical assistance, educational resources, and advice to support policy makers, local governments, industry, energy stakeholders, and the general public in solving energy challenges and meeting New Mexico’s energy, economic, and climate goals.
  • We manage and administer statutorily authorized energy programs to save energy, support the state’s decarbonization efforts, make communities more resilient, and position New Mexico to lead by example.

Energy Policy Directives

  • ECMD Enabling Statute [NMSA 1978, § 95A4]
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Bonding Act [NMSA 1978, § 621D1 et seg.]
  • Public Facility Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation Act [NMSA 1978, § 6231 et. seq.]
  • Energy Efficiency Standards for Public Buildings [NMSA 1978, § 15336]
  • New Mexico Alternative Fuel Acquisition Act (Act) [NMSA 1978, § 131B3]
  • State Alternative Fuels Program Manager duties [NMSA 1978, § 95A8]
  • Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit (REPTC) [NMSA 1978, § 72A19]
  • Sustainable Building Tax Credit (SBTC) [NMSA 1978, § 72A21]
  • Solar Market Development Tax Credit (SMDTC) [NMSA 1978, § 7218.14]
  • Geothermal Ground Coupled Heat Pump Tax Credit [NMSA 1978, § 72A24]
  • Agricultural Biomass Tax Credit [NMSA 1978, § 7218.26 (F) and NMSA 1978, § 7218.26 (D)]
  • Biofuel Blending Facility Tax Credit [NMSA 1978, § 7979.2 and NMSA 1978, § 915]
  • Clean Energy Grants Program [NMSA 1978, § 7171 to 7176]
  • Solar Collector Standards Act [NMSA 1978, § 7165 to 7167.1]
  • Geothermal Resources Development Act, 2016 [NMSA 1978, § 7191 et seq.]
  • Efficient Use of Energy Act [2019 New Mexico Laws Ch. 202] Energy Efficiency Resource Standard [2019 House Bill 291]
  • Renewable Energy Act [2019 New Mexico Laws Ch. 65] Renewable Portfolio Standard
  • Energy Transition Act 2019 [2019 New Mexico Laws Ch. 65]
  • Solar Rights Act [NMSA 1978, § 4731 to 4735]
  • Solar Energy Improvement Special Assessment Act [2019 New Mexico Laws Ch. 110]
  • Renewable Energy Financing District Act Article [NMSA 1978, § 5181 to 51813]
  • Energy Grid Modernization Roadmap Act (NMSA 1978, § 71-11-1 – 7-11-2)