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Vessel Title, Registration and Renewal

Registration Required

To operate your vessel in New Mexico, you must have a registration card and validation decal if:

  • Your vessel is propelled by machinery.
  • Your vessel is propelled, or designed to be propelled, by sail, unless it is a sailboard or windsurf board.

The registration card (certificate of number) must be carried on board whenever your vessel is used.

Voluntary Registration

New Mexico State Parks encourages owners of vessels who are not required to register their vessels to voluntarily register their vessels. Vessel registration funds are used for the development and enhancement programs and services that provide direct benefits to New Mexico boaters.

Vessel Registration Term

The New Mexico vessel registration period runs for 3 years. The registration period begins on January 1 of the year in which the registration is issued or renewed and expires on December 31 of the 3rd year after issuance or renewal.

Title and Registration Rules

Vessel registration and titling is handled by the Taxation and Revenue Department Motor Vehicle Division. Vessels that require registration and are 10 feet or longer must also be titled. The application for title must submitted to the MVD within 30 days of sale. A penalty is assessed for late applications. Contact your local MVD office and ask for an employee who can process boat transactions. At some locations, this service may be available only during certain days or hours.

The registration fee is based on the length of the vessel.

Boaters Visiting New Mexico

Boaters visiting New Mexico from another state may recreate on state waters for up to 90 days if the vessel is registered in another state or has current U.S. Coast Guard documentation. Once your boat has been in New Mexico for 90 consecutive days, you must either remove it from New Mexico or register it in this state.

Boaters visiting New Mexico from another state must also receive a watercraft inspection to combat the spread of zebra mussels, quagga mussels, and other Aquatic Invasive Species.  New Mexico Department of Game & Fish operates watercraft inspection stations across New Mexico.

How to Renew Your Vessel Registration Online

Visit MyMVD Online Services to quickly renew your vessel registration online at any time.  Click on “Replace/Renew My Vessel Registration”. You will need your ZIP code and ONE of the following:

  •  Hull Identification Number.
  • Last six characters of HIN and registration number.
  • MVD control number.