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Volunteer at our Enchanting State Parks!

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New Mexico’s 35 State Parks offer year-round natural wonders, historic sites, interpretive and educational programs and recreational activities.

Join the growing number of State Park volunteers who make a difference, and play a vital role in preserving and maintaining the quality of experience our visitors have come to expect.  Find your passion and share your knowledge, experience, and skills with park staff, visitors, and volunteers.

Camp Host/Park Resident Volunteers:

Camp Hosts receive a campsite (with utility hookups where available) and hands-on training by experienced park staff. In exchange for a commitment of 24 hours a week per provided campsite is required. A two-month term of service is strongly encouraged. Schedules are flexible based on the parks needs and volunteer availability.

Community or Day Volunteers:

These volunteers citizens of a nearby community or are visiting one of our state parks. Day Volunteers can perform a variety of different jobs and will receive mentorship and training from our qualified park staff.

Projects/Events Volunteers:

Individuals, couples, organized clubs, scout troops, or other groups who contribute to one-time projects or events, or ongoing as needed. Group leaders are advised to contact the Park Coordinator, to arrange logistics, at least two weeks in advance. Youth (under age 18) must have prior written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

  • Visitor Center Associates
  • Maintenance Volunteers
  • Interpretive Assistants
  • Boating Safety Instructors
  • Special Events Volunteers
  • Archaeology Site Stewards
  • Presentation and Tour Guides

For Job Description click here  •  For open positions click here

How to Become a State Parks Volunteer


Volunteers need to register online to be eligible for any park postion. Once registered your application will be available for all park managers/superintendents to view. Apply here:

Volunteer Application- APPLY HERE

Group Application – APPLY HERE


Placement selection is based on park needs, volunteer experience, park availability, and volunteer preferences. An applicant’s ability to be flexible will greatly increase the chances of placement.

Once an application has been submitted, applicants are encouraged to contact the Park manager/superintendent at the park where you are interested in volunteering directly regarding availability and opportunities

For more details please contact the 505-476-3355

We look forward to having you join our team!