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Volunteer Friends Groups

Friends and volunteers are the backbone of our parks. The support and generosity given by Friends groups are integral to preserving and improving New Mexico State Parks and the visitor experience. The most important role of a Friends group is to serve as a link between the park and its professional staff, the community where it is located and the general public.

Friends groups benefit parks in various ways, such as conducting fundraising efforts, providing volunteer services, leading restoration projects, providing educational programming and publicizing important issues. Everyone who has in interest in supporting New Mexico State Parks is welcome to join or start a Friends group!

To become a member of a Friends group, email or call the group’s contact listed below. Your help is vital to support your state parks

Yes, I’d like to become a Friends member!

NMSP Friends Groups

To get involved, contact a Friends group:


Your membership includes:

  • Day-use pass to the park in which you are an active member
  • Opportunities to meet people with similar interests
  • A chance to attend member’s only social gatherings
  • The satisfaction of helping preserve and protect some of the most beautiful places on the planet

Forming a Friends Group

Interested in forming a group to support your favorite state park that’s not on the list? New Mexico State Parks has 34 parks and a Friends group is needed for each one. We have resources to assist volunteers in organizing and developing “Friends of Parks” groups. We’ll provide help in such organizational matters as articles of incorporation, by-laws, federal tax exemption, state non-profit registration, business licenses, sales tax, fund raising, park stores, and many other issues.

For more information, call 505-476-3375.