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Forms: Registration, Change of Registration, Suspension, Annual Reporting

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NOTE: If asked for a password on any of these forms, click CANCEL and the form should open.


The interactive PDF forms can be downloaded to your computer, completed electronically, and filed via email (or mailed or faxed):
1. Click on the link, then select “Save as” from the menu to save the form to your computer.
2. Complete the form, entering all requested data into the fields.
3. Submit the form as an attachment to an email; or print both sides, sign, and send by mail.

Email to:

Or mail to:
Mining and Minerals Division
Mine Registration and Reporting Program
1220 South St. Francis Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Or fax to: (505) 476-3402

All active mining, milling and smelting operations (with the exception of those on Indian lands) must be registered using Form 1 (PDF) and the information kept current using Form 2 (PDF). Note that Form 1 has a second page that must be completed with mine location information.

Once registered, annual report forms 3-11 (as appropriate, listed and available below) are mailed to operators in late January/early February for submission to MMD by April 30 each year. These forms provide statistical information for the previous calendar year. To be in compliance, operators need only to fill out and submit the requested form (see list and links below),

MMD must be made aware of all temporary or permanent suspensions of an operation when an office with a responsible person present at all times is not maintained at the site. This notification is provided through submittal of Form 12 (PDF) to MMD at the address above.


(see instructions above to fill out electronically and email, mail or fax; or print and fill out manually)

Form 1: Mine/Mill/Smelter Registration

Form 2: Change of Registration and/or Ownership


The calendar year 2020 annual reporting forms are now available. Print the PDF forms to fill out manually, or download to fill out electronically (see instructions above). These forms are also mailed to operators in early February and are due to MMD by April 30 each year.

Form 3: Aggregate and Stone Mining Operations (interactive pdf) *

Form 4: Coal Mining Operations (interactive pdf)

Form 5: Industrial Minerals Milling Operations (interactive pdf)

Form 6: Industrial Minerals Mining Operations (interactive pdf)

Form 7: Metal Mine and Mill Concentrate Operations (interactive pdf)

Form 8: Potash Mining and Milling Operations (interactive pdf)

Form 9: Smelter, Converter, Refinery Operations (interactive pdf)

Form 10: Uranium Milling Operations (interactive pdf)

Form 11: Uranium Mining Operations (interactive pdf)

* Conversion Factors (cubic yards to short tons)


(see instructions above to fill out electronically and email, mail or fax; or print and fill out manually)

Form 12: Notice of Intent to Suspend Operation


Guidelines for Safeguarding (pursuant to 19.7.2 NMAC)

Contact Jane Tabor with any questions pertaining to completing or submitting the forms:
(505) 690-8249 (phone)
(505) 476-3402 (fax)