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Electric Grid Modernization Grant Program

Pursuant to the Electric Grid Modernization Roadmap Act of 2020, EMNRD has developed a grid modernization grant program. The program is intended to fund electric grid modernization research and development as New Mexico transitions to a 100 percent zero-carbon electricity system. Per the Act, grid modernization projects are those that make improvements to electric distribution or transmission infrastructure to make it possible to integrate more renewable electric generation resources. Projects should demonstrate means to enhance electric distribution or transmission grid reliability, grid security, demand response capability, customer service or energy efficiency or conservation.

Eligible Applicants

Municipalities and county governments, state agencies, state universities, public schools, post-secondary education institutions, and Indian nations, tribes and pueblos are all eligible to apply.

Project Types

The grant program request for applications (RFA) solicits two types of projects. Type 1 projects can fall under one of two possible tracks. Type 1: Track 1 projects are engineering or design studies that are expected to lead to the construction or installation of grid modernization technologies. Type 1: Track 2 projects are research projects or monitoring and evaluation studies intended to provide valuable information about the functioning of the grid; the capabilities, risks, and benefits of an existing technology; customer demand response behavior; or the economic or societal value of distributed energy resources. Type 2 projects involve the construction or installation and verification of a grid technology.

Application Review and Evaluation

Applications will be reviewed as they are submitted. Applications will be evaluated on the degree to which the assembled team is equipped and capable to do the work, the project’s alignment with the state’s goals for grid modernization, the broader economic impact of the project or insights, and the broader educational potential and value of the project. Applications will also need to demonstrate that projects will not negatively impact, and may benefit, the utility that serves the area in which the project will take place. EMNRD can meet with prospective Applicants prior to submission and will also provide feedback to applications if the proposal is not immediately approved.

How to Apply

Prospective Applicants should download the RFA below. Applications can be submitted to Questions and requests for presentations about the grant program may be directed to the same address.

Expectations and Scope

Applications must meet all criteria outlined in the RFA to be approved. All approved projects will be placed in a queue, pending funding and program requirements.   

ECMD expects to apply funding from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021. Check this page for updates. 

Program Success

Learn more about funded projects here.  


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