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Grid Modernization Grant Program

A modern electric grid is required for New Mexico to achieve decarbonization, for utilities, households and businesses to take advantage of New Mexico’s abundant renewable resources, to spur economic growth, and to improve the lives of New Mexicans.

Section 71-11-2 of NMSA 1978 established the Grid Modernization Grant Program and Fund to support pilot projects that advance research and understanding of distribution grid technologies and other modern grid upgrades.

Grid modernization projects are those that make improvements to electric distribution or transmission infrastructure to accommodate or facilitate the integration of renewable electric generation resources with the electric distribution grid or otherwise enhance electric distribution or transmission grid reliability, grid security, demand response capability, customer service or energy efficiency or conservation.

Eligible Applicants include municipalities and county governments; state agencies; state universities; public schools; post-secondary education institutions; and Indian nations, tribes and pueblos. All projects must take place within the State of New Mexico.

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