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Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting

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The ECMD Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting (GESPC) Program provides education on GESPCs, technical oversight of project development, review of and certification of investment grade energy audits (IGA), construction oversight of implementation, and review of performance of implemented measures.

Education is provided to those government entities that are interested in utilizing GESPCs to implement energy efficient technology, renewable energy generation systems, and/or increase their facility resilience.

During project development the program provides technical assistance to the governmental entity, as well as assigning a third-party reviewer that provides engineering review services and acts as a technical representative for the government entity. ECMD oversees the third-party engineering services and approves the documentation provided throughout the project development and implementation process. The services provided to support the GESPC includes the review of documentation provided by the energy service company to develop energy conservation measures, attendance at project meetings, review of technical material presented to the governmental entity, and review of the IGA for technical accuracy. The program verifies and certifies the energy savings presented in the IGA as reasonable and accurate.

This certification allows the entity to continue with the project and sign the Guaranteed Utility Savings Contract. During construction, the program provides technical review of construction documents to verify that the systems that are being installed are those that were certified in the IGA, attends construction meetings to review progress, and performs multiple walkthroughs of construction sites to field verify what systems are installed. Upon substantial completion, the program provides field reviews of the newly installed systems to verify operation and reviews the Measurement and Verification Report to verify that guaranteed savings are being met.