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Allison Emergency Backfill Project

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The Allison Emergency Backfill Project area is approximately two miles west of the town of Gallup, in McKinley County, New Mexico. The project area is on private land in Section 18 of Township 15 North, Range 18 West (USGS 7.5’ Gallup West Quadrangle).

The scope of work consists of the following tasks:

  • mobilization to the site;
  • excavation of loose soil and removal of debris from around and within the sinkhole feature;
  • purchase and processing of approved granular backfill material;
  • loading and transportation of granular backfill material to the project site;
  • placement of the granular backfill material within the sinkhole feature and final grading at the feature;
  • earthwork to redirect drainage as necessary, including reestablishing the drainage channel over the
  • backfilled sinkhole feature and reconstruction of the earthen berm adjacent to the channel; and
  • demobilization from the site, including leaving the project area in as good or better condition than before the disturbance.


Historical Photos (1916)
Images of the Project
Completion of Contract
Year Completed: 2016
Project Engineer:
 Meghan McDonald, P.E.
Project Manager: Meghan McDonald and Joel Metcalf