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Rogersville Reclamation Project – Phase III

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The project is situated within about a ½ acre area, including access routes (Figure 1). Within the construction area a partially plugged adit is situated within the concave basin of an incised slope cut. Adjacent to and south of the adit are two coal gob (coal mine waste) piles that together contain about 750 cubic yards of material.  These gob piles border an ephemeral drainage with vertical banks. The area that will be most impacted by construction work and that will need reclamation is about 0.4 acres.

This project involves the following work:

  • Expose opening of an adit, refill the adit with gob material from nearest gob pile.
  • Remove at least 10 inches of soil materials from an area to the west of gob piles. Gob material shall be spread and shaped to minimize slope steepness. 
  • Spread two specified soil amendments by hand across the surface of topsoiled areas, then hand rake to incorporate the amendments into topsoil.
  • Seed uniformly in an area of about 0.3 acres. Apply mulch to all disturbed areas, including seeded areas and access routes, to achieve 50% of ground coverage.
  • Clean up any waste and debris from work site and surrounding area. Rake disturbed areas and the routes of equipment travel. Woodstraw shall be applied to access routes after they have been raked and cleaned. 
  • Repair all work areas and temporary access routes’ conditions to an equivalent or better condition than at the start of construction. 
Figure 1
Technical Questions and/or Comments
Joe Vinson: 505-476-3414 or email
Completion of Contract
Year Completed: 2018
Initial Cost: $29,910.00
Final Cost: $32,095.40
Project Manager: Joe Vinson