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Reforestation Resources

Cone Collector and Observations App

Reforestation in New Mexico starts with seed collection. 

With this new app from the New Mexico Reforestation Center and American Forests, citizen scientists and landowners can create their own cone observations to support reforestation efforts in their area.

Click on the image to the right and start reporting cone crops!

Conservation Seedling Program

If you are a property owner here in New Mexico, you can buy trees for a reduced rate through our conservation seedling program.

The trees sold through this program are grown with care at the John T. Harrington Forest Research Center.

Please visit the Conservation Seedling Program website for more information.

Post-Fire Restoration

Click the images below for information about our reforestation efforts, and some tips for planting success.

How To Plant A Tree Seedling – Video

Reforestation Nurseries and Genetic Resources Marketplace

The Reforestation Marketplace is a resource for sharing and finding currently available products and services. This resource helps to match existing inventory of seed, seedlings, supplies, equipment, labor with customers.

Register here to add a new listing or to search the listings.


Rachael Foe

Reforestation Coordinator, EMNRD Forestry Division

(505) 490-0824