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Bluewater Lake State Park Boating

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Bluewater Lake State Park – (Click here for Park Page)

Description: This lake, set in a small canyon with pinyon and juniper trees has about 1,500 surface acres at the crest of the uncontrolled siphon spillway. The lake has 4.6 miles of shoreline. The maximum depth is 80-100 feet at the dam.

Directions: About 28 miles west of Grants.
From Albuquerque to the developed north east side Main Park Entrance take I-40 west for about 109 miles . Take Exit 63 (Prewitt) and go south on NM 412 about 7 miles to enter the main park. 
From Albuquerque to get to the unimproved east, south and southwest sides of the lake take I-40 west for about 119 miles to Exit 53 (Thoreau). 
From Exit 53 go south on NM 612 all the way to the lake on about 13.5 paved miles.

GPS Coordinates for Park Entrance:

Latitude = 35.3056, Longitude = -108.1057 Lat    = 35 degrees,   18.3 minutes   North Long = 108 degrees,   6.3 minutes   West
This is the coordinates for the main park entrance and not Las Tusas which is an unimproved area of the park

Water Sports:

Boating, swimming, waterskiing, personal watercraft, sailing, kayaking and fishing.

Current Conditions:
Excellent Boating:

7,406 feet in elevation down to 7,401 feet in elevation
(43,500 Acre Feet down to 37,000 Acre Feet in storage)
1,900 surface acres down to 1,600 surface acres

Fair Boating:

7,395 feet in elevation down to 7,370 feet in elevation
(27,250 Acre Feet down to  5,412 Acre Feet in storage)
1,350 surface acres down to 400 surface acres


3 Concrete ( beach launching below the use of the ramps sometimes available-check with park.

One (1) concrete ramp at the Stoneridge Recreation Area, west of the park office that is the main ramp and has three (3) launching lanes.   Top of Ramp 7,429 Ft.. Bottom of Ramp 7,367 Ft..

One (1) concrete ramp at Las Tusas Recreation Area, east of the Dam that has three (3) launching lanes.    Top of ramp 7,410 Ft.. Bottom of Ramp 7,395 Ft..

One (1) concrete ramp directly west of the main boat ramp with two (2) launching lanes.
Top of Ramp 7,406 Ft.. Bottom of Ramp 7,390 Ft..

Launching is also done from hard packed beach area on west side.

Dock: 2:

One (1) 8’ x 40’ Mecca Dock just south of the park office. For Boat use only.
One (1) 12’ x 30’ Concrete Dock  southwest of the Dam.



Wind Warning Lights:

At the lake overlook, north of the dam

Prevailing Winds:

Afternoon summer winds may get strong with 3-4 foot waves. 

Most accidents occur when small boats get caught in these winds.

Fish Species:

Rainbow trout, Tiger Muskie, and Channel Catfish are currently stocked by NM Game and Fish. (exotic species of goldfish and suckers being managed by introduction of the tiger muskies. Introduced in 2003 the muskies can grow to 36” with one foot growth per year.)  Smallmouth Bass. Local chapter of Muskies, Inc. was formed in 2008 to promote muskie fishing at both Bluewater and Quemado Lakes.


Check the annual waterfowl proclamation from the New Mexico Game and Fish, and check in with the State Parks Manager for any restricted areas.

Special Boating Restrictions:


Service for Vessels:

Fuel can only be purchased at the station in Thoreau or Bluewater village off I-40. Check for hours of operation.  It is about 16 miles one way to each station.

Boating Rentals:

Outside the park there is a local store that does paddlecraft rentals.

Recreation Areas Managed By:

New Mexico State Parks.  Primitive Camping around the lake allowed.
Fees must be paid. Regulations are enforced.

Lands and Lake Information:

The lake is primarily managed by the downstream Toltec Irrigation District. NM Game and Fish owns the bottom 3,500 ac-ft of the lake. Roads bordering the lake are not paved. Surface is soft shale that when wet is difficult even with a 4 x 4.


(505) 876-2391