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Sugarite Canyon State Park (Click Here for Park Page)

Floating dockBeachside of lake

Description: 130 – acre lake up in the cool forest by the Colorado border. Gasoline motors are not allowed making it popular with sailing, flat water kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts. Close by is the National Rifle Association’s Whittington Center, the most complete shooting facility in the United States just west of Raton. Lake Alice campground is open year around to help those interested in ice fishing.

Directions:  About 9 miles NE of Raton.  From Albuquerque go North on I-25 for 226  miles. Take the I-25 exit 452 at Raton, follow NM 72 east for 3.5 miles, and go north on NM 526 for about two to four miles to the park entrance.

GPS Coordinates for Park Entrance:
Water Sports:

Boating, flat water kayaking, canoeing and fishing.  Swimming is prohibited as per a Lease agreement with the City of Raton since the lakes are a public water supply storage. Kayaking to the northwest side of Lake Maloya will find places to land, lunch and hike.

Lake Conditions:

Ramp and lake conditions are generally excellent year around due to it’s dedication to City Water Supply use and not irrigation. It generally does not vary from full to down from full by only about 3 feet.




One at the boat ramp for boat use only.



Wind Warning Lights:

Southeast end of the lake

Prevailing Winds:
Fish Species:

Rainbow trout

Bird and Wildlife Species:

The prime time for viewing from kayak or canoe is spring and fall when the small lake is still unfrozen.  Boaters may see migrating waterfowl, ospreys and bald eagles, mallard, Canada geese, American coot and Western grebe. Other part-time and full-time feathered residents include the belted kingfisher, spotted sandpiper, great horned owl, Cooper’s hawk, barn swallow, downy and hairy woodpecker, Northern flicker, rufous hummingbird (seasonal migrant arriving after July 4), broad-tailed hummingbird, spotted towhee, Western tanager, house finch, gray-headed junco, black-capped and mountain chickadee, Steller’s jay, Western scrub-jay, house and canyon wrens, and common raven.

Lake Maloya also has a shoreline set of wildlife to view. Cottontail rabbits can be viewed year-round on the west side of Lake Maloya. Still more wildlife species call this area home: raccoon, porcupine, short-tailed weasel, Albert, Douglas’ and rock squirrels, least chipmunk, striped skunk, and little brown bat.

Check out the Game & Fish Department for further information.

Special Boating Restrictions:

Paddle or oar powered, sail and electric motors only are allowed on the lake per New Mexico State Park Regulation 16.8 “Sugarite Canyon: Gas powered boats are prohibited on Lake Maloya; All boating is prohibited on Lake Alice.”

Service for Boats:
Recreation Areas Managed By:

New Mexico State Parks

Land Status Around Lake:

New Mexico State Park Manages all land around Lake Maloya.


(575) 445-5607

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