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OCD Contact List Dated 10/7/2021 

Adrienne Sandoval, Director

Adrienne Sandoval was named the Director of the Oil Conservation Division in April of 2019. Prior to the Oil Conservation Division, Ms. Sandoval has deep industry experience and has spent the last several years in the Marathon Petroleum’s Denver office working on federal regulatory affairs and legislative matters. She also worked in the field for the Williams Companies out of Tulsa, OK among other positions. She holds a Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Tulsa.

Tiffany Polak, Deputy Director

Tiffany Wallace Polak was named the Deputy Director of the Oil Conservation Division in April of 2020.  She leads the Engineering and Environmental Bureaus for the Division.  Prior to the Oil Conservation Division, Tiffany worked 20+ years in upstream oil and gas development. Her last role was the Director of Marathon Oil’s Subsurface, Operations and Regulatory groups for the New Mexican assets.  She has worked unconventional shales for the past 10 years but also has experience in Gulf of Mexico and International Development. She holds a Master of Petroleum Engineering from Texas A&M, a Masters in Infectious Disease Control Epidemiology from University of Texas Public Health and a Bachelor of Science in Professional Zoology from the University of Oklahoma.

Gabriel Wade, Deputy Director

Since November 2018, Gabriel Wade has been a Deputy Director of the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (OCD).  Mr. Wade helps lead the OCD’s Administrative and Compliance Bureau, Hearings Bureau, and the Project Management Bureau.   Additionally, Mr. Wade is the OCD’s representative and co-chair on the New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC).  Mr. Wade received his Juris Doctorate from UNM Law School in 2005.

Emily Hernandez, Bureau Chief, Environmental

Emily Hernandez became the Oil Conservation Division’s Environmental Bureau Chief in November of 2020. Prior to the Oil Conservation Division, Emily worked for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation of Natural Resources’ Bureau of Geological Survey’s Environmental Geology Section and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.  Before joining state government, Emily spent seven years on the Geology team with Rex Energy Corporation, an Appalachian Basin exploration and production company that was headquartered in State College, Pennsylvania.  Prior to her work in the oil and gas industry, Emily was a Geologist and Project Manager for the environmental consulting, geotechnical, and mining services industries.  She holds a Master of Science in Global Energy Management from the University of Colorado and a Bachelor of Science in Geology from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Brandon Powell, Bureau Chief, Engineering

Brandon Powell was named the Engineering Bureau Chief of the Oil Conservation Division in November of 2020. Brandon has 15+ years with the Division. He started in 2006 as an Environmental Specialist, from there he has been promoted through several positions including an Inspection and Enforcement supervisor, and District Supervisor. In his time with the Division, Brandon has also participated in and been an integral part of multiple Environmental and Engineering related rule makings.