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VPR – Swastika Mine Stream Crossing Maintenance Project

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The VPR – Swastika Mine Stream Crossing Maintenance Project is located about 4.5 miles northwest of Raton in Colfax County, New Mexico. The project area is on private land within the Maxwell Land Grant.

The focus of this project is to fix a culvert installation that was constructed as part of the Swastika Mine and Dutchman Canyon Reclamation Project in 2012.  Heavy rains caused two 72”-diameter culverts to fail at a stream crossing. The culverts will now be removed and replaced with a low water crossing.  The project includes the following work:

  • Earthmoving to move the existing road crossing fill and rock to the final storage area as specified.
  • Removal and disposal of the existing culverts
  • Grading of the crossing as specified
  • Import and placement of rock at the crossing as shown in the drawings
  • Final grading of low water crossing and fill deposition areas
  • Seeding and mulching of all areas disturbed by construction
  • Seeding and mulching of areas in the previous phase of construction that show poor plant growth
  • Construction of three road/traffic signs
  • Sediment and erosion control measures, including monitoring and maintenance.

The Contractor shall leave project areas in as good or better condition than before disturbance.

You may link to the all Specifications, Maps and Images below
VPR – Swastika Mine Stream Crossing Maintenance Project Specifications

Figures and maps

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Images of Project

Sealed Bid Opening Pre-Bid Tour
Sealed bid opening:
ITB No. 40-521-14-05638
DATE: June 13, 2014
DATE: June 4, 2014
BID DOCUMENT – Please follow instructions below:
1. Please READ all information in project manual before submitting a bid.
2. Upon entering all your data into form do a “SAVE AS” and save into your computer if you wish to save document.
3. To print click on the FILE tab then arrow down to PRINT.
4. Sign form and mail to:
General Services Department
Purchasing Division
P.O. Box 6850
Santa Fe, NM 87502
(505) 827-0472
NOTE: Administrative questions and/or comments contact: Joann George @ 505.476.3430 or e-mail
Technical questions and/or comments contact: Mike Tompson @ 505.476.3427 or e-mail

Year Completed:
Cost: $
Project Engineer: Michael Tompson, P.E.
Project Manager: