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HI018EM Lordsburg Playa Lithium in Brine Exploration

Frank Bain, Flagstaff, AZ
Lithium, Hidalgo County, NM

07-2020 Permit Approval
07-2020 Financial Assurance Amount
05-2020 Updated Access Map
10-2019 Application Re-Activation
05-2019 Denial No. 3
03-2019 Response from Operator
03-2019 Denial of Operator Request for Time Extension
03-2019 Operator Request for Time Extension
03-2019 Notice of Pending Suspension of Review of Application
09-2018 Agency Comments
09-2018 BLM Decision Document – Approval of Plan of Operations
09-2018 Revised Application
01-2018 Operator Response to Agency Comments
12-2017 Agency Comments
11-2017 Notice of Admin Complete and Requests for Agency/Tribal Comments
09-2017 Application