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GR010RE Tyrone Mine – Emma Expansion Project

GR010RE Tyrone Mine
Freeport-McMoRan Tyrone Inc., Tyrone, New Mexico
Copper, Grant County



2022-10 Transcript of Public Hearing held on August 16, 2022

2022-10 Hearing Officer’s Report (may be supplemented by MMD in the future)

2022-09 Post-Hearing Submittals:

Ratcliffe Comments

Hess Comments

Cole Comments

Miller Comments

Chulick Comments

Griffin Comments

Wallet-Ortiz Comments

Martin Comments

Councilor Farmer Comments

Allan Cox Comments

GRIP Comments

Lee Nix Presentation Notes


2022-08 Extension of Public Comment Period Until September 15, 2022

2022-08 Public Hearing Presentations:

MMD Presentation

FMI Presentation

Kuipers Presentation

Duverge Presentation

Representative Dow Letter

Representative Terrazas Letter

2022-07 Tyrone Emma Public Hearing Notice-English (Spanish Version)

2022-06 FMI Response Letter

2022-05 Application Response Letter

2022-05 Wildlife and Habitat Assessment

2022-01 Comments on Emma Closeout Plan

2022-01 Comments on Emma Application

2022-01 Response to Comments

2022-01 Noise Study

2022-01 Viewshed Study

2022-01 Lighting Study

2022-01 Additional Public Notice Documents

2022-01 Public Notice Documents, Administratively Complete

2022-01 Administratively Complete Letter

2021-11 Hydrogeologic Report

2021-11 Response to Public Hearing Requests

2021-11 Requests for Public Hearing

2021-11 Cost Estimate (Excel File)

2021-11 Closure/Closeout Plan, Revision 21-1

2021-10 Application, Revision 21-1

2021-09 Highest Cost Year Evaluation