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SF002RE LAC Minerals Cunningham Hill, Revision 20-1

SF002RE LAC Minerals Cunningham Hill
LAC Minerals (USA), LLC
Gold, Santa Fe County

Written public comments on Revision 20-1 will be accepted up to 30-days after LAC responds to MMD’s letter dated October 25,2022.

Please note that public comments should be submitted to


2022-12 Post-Hearing Comments from San Marcos Association

2022-12 Post-Hearing Comments from Friends of Santa Fe County

2022-12 Approval of Time Extension

2022-12 Request for Time Extension

2022-11 Public Hearing Transcript

2022-11 Public Hearing Presentations: MMD, CHMRP LAC, Kuipers, Parker

2022-11 Public Hearing Fact Sheet

2022-10 Agency Comments

2022-10 Agency Comments – Conditional Approval

2022-09 LAC Response to Comments

2022-09 Notice of Public Hearing

2022-08 LAC Response to Comments

2022-08 LAC Response to Comments

2022-07 Agenda for Open House

2022-06 Request for Agency Review of LAC Response to Comments

2022-05 LAC Responses  to Comments, Bench Workplan Design, Technical Drawings

2022-03 Approval of Time Extension

2022-03 Request for Time Extension

2022-03 Technical Comments

2021-11 Responses to Requests for Public Hearing

2021-11 Requests for Public Hearing

2021-11 Public Notice Documentation

2021-10 Revised Closure/Closeout Plan, Revision 20-1

2021  Email Addressing Technical Comment

2014  Status Report for Pit Remediation

2011  Revised Remediation Plan

2021-09 Approval of Time Extension

2021-09 Request for Time Extension

2021-06 Approval of Timeline Modification

2021-05 Response to Comments

2021-04 MMD and Agency Comments

2021-03 2nd Notice Administratively Complete

2021-02 2nd Public Notice

2020-10 Request for Agency Comments

2020-10 1st Public Notice

2020-10 Administratively Complete

2020-10 Closure/Closeout Plan, Revision 20-1