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MK006RE St. Anthony Mine, Closeout Plan

MK006RE St. Anthony Mine
United Nuclear Corporation, Gallup, New Mexico
Uranium, McKinley County

2024-03 Supplemental Characterization Workplan response to comment

2024-03 Combined MMD and Agency Comments on 30% CCOP 

2023-11 Ecological Risk Assessment

2023-11 Revegetation Plan

2023-11 Pit 1 Backill and Design Concept

2023-10 Pit 1 Radiological Surveys

2023-08 Pit 1 Highwall Stability – Phase 2 Report

2023-08 Cover Letter, UNC Response to Comments

2023-08 UNC Response to Comments on CCP

2023-05 MMD, Agency and Navajo Nation Comments

2022-11 Request for Tribal Comments

2022-11 Request for Agency Comments

2022-10 Updated Stage 2 Abatement Plan and Closure/Closeout Plan (CCP)

Stage 2 Transmittal Letter

CCP Transmittal Letter

Stage 2 Abatement Plan Modification

Attachment A – WQCC Order

Attachment B – OSE Well Restriction

Attachment C – INTERA Memo 2021

Attachment D – Stantec Memo 2021

Attachment E – Peer Review Dr. Smith

Attachment F – Closure/Closeout Plan

     Closure/Closeout Plan Drawings

     Appendix A.1 Vegetation and Wildlife Report

Appendix A.2 Cultural Resources Survey (Withheld/Confidential)

     Appendix B.1 Materials Characterization Report

     Appendix B.2 SRC Report

     Appendix B.2 Supplemental Materials Characterization Report

     Appendix B.3 Pit 1 Pile Investigation Report

     Appendix C.1 Closeout EXC Plan

     Appendix C.2 Closeout VS Plan

     Appendix C.3 Closeout Plan SOP

     Appendix D.1 2018 Geotechnical Investigation

     Appendix E – Material Balance

     Appendix F.1 – Flow Characterization

     Appendix F.2 Hydraulic Design for Meyer Draw

     Appendix F.3 Design of Bench and Downdrain

     Appendix F.4 Design of Pit 1 Diversion Channel

     Appendix G.1 Cover Design Calculations

     Appendix G.2 Erosional Stability Calculations

     Appendix H.1 Appendix A Materials Characterization

     Appendix H.2 Updated Revegetation Plan

07-2021 Letter, Clarification of Agency Position

05-2021 Work Plan for Pit 1 Field Investigation

02-2020 Request for NMED Comments, Opinion of Construction Costs

01-2020 Opinion of Construction Costs, Updated Interim Financial Assurance

09-2019 MMD Comments on Updated Closeout Plan

08-2019 NMED Comments on Updated Closeout Plan

04-2019 Request for Agency Comments on Updated Closeout Plan

03-2019 2019 Updated Closeout Plan

Text and Figures

Appendices A through B

Appendices C through G

09-2018 Memo – Supplemental Materials Characterization, Sep 2018

08-2018 Memo – Geotechnical Investigation, Aug 2018

06-2018 Operator Response to Technical Comments

04-2018 Technical Comments on Workplan for Supplemental Investigations

02-2018 Workplan for Supplemental Investigations

09-2017 Final Order (Approval) – Petition for Alternative Abatement Standards

01-2016 Anticipated Schedule

09-2010 St. Anthony Interim Closure/Closeout Plan Cost Estimate

Submittal Letter

Attachment 1 Closeout Plan Drawings

Existing Conditions Drawings

Final Regrade Plan Drawings

Attachment 2 Hydrological Analysis

Conditional Hydrologic Analysis

General Basin Map

Mine Area Subbasin Map


Attachment 3 Cost Estimate Classification System

Attachment 4 Cost Estimate Spreadsheet

10-2007 Materials Characterization Report


Appendix A – Radiation Survey Field Forms

Appendix B – Laboratory Analytical Data (6MB)

Appendix C – Field Notes, Boring Logs, and Test Pit Logs (3MB)

05-2006 Report on Vegetation and Wildlife Evaluations/Recommendations

01-2006 St. Anthony Mine Transmittal Letter

Closeout Plan

Materials Characterization Work Plan